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Maitland & Altamonte Springs Personal Injury Lawyer
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Maitland Personal Injury Lawyers

Goldman Law, P.A., combines an insurance-defense background with high ethical standards and a local focus. The firm serves Maitland, Altamonte Springs and Greater Orlando, giving personal injury plaintiffs in the area access to insight into how insurance companies think.

The resulting track record of positive case outcomes, as well as the maintenance of high ethical standards, has resulted in Goldman Law attorneys securing some of the highest recognitions the legal profession offers. The firm currently protects client interests in the following areas of personal injury and wrongful death law.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Disputes involving car accidents tend to involve detailed negotiations and require thorough investigation. This is especially true of collisions that result in serious injuries. Insurance companies often meticulously protect their own interests, sometimes to the detriment of injured people. Goldman Law, P.A., provides a strong advocate in these cases.

Commercial vehicle accidents are typically more complex than those involving only private drivers. These disputes are more likely to involve multiple parties and severe injuries, for example.

Vulnerable Victims

Negligent drivers of cars and trucks could cause catastrophic injury to others on the road. Our firm works to ensure that Maitland’s highways and byways are safe for all, even the most vulnerable. We represent the injured in:

Exceptional Negligence

No accident happens entirely by itself, but there are some situations in which responsible parties exhibit gross disregard for the safety of others in their community. Even if the events do not lead to criminal convictions, our firm still pursues maximum possible compensation for accidents caused by drunk driving or distracted driving. We also help our clients pursue claims against and recover damages from uninsured drivers.

Catastrophic Injuries

In some cases, it is up to an injured person’s loved ones to pursue justice. This is often the case when catastrophic injuries are involved:

These injuries could temporarily incapacitate, permanently disable or even kill. We support families as they navigate their grief, helping them recover the damages they need to build a new future.

Premises Injury

The owners of public places have a general responsibility to prevent injury to visitors. When property owners neglect this obligation, it can lead to costly injuries. A simple slip and fall could lead to a lifetime of pain and recovery. We work to make sure the cost of recuperation falls where it should: Upon the negligent party.

If you do not see a category here that corresponds to your injury, please still feel free to contact us. If we cannot help you here at our Maitland offices, we may be able to provide a reputable attorney to handle your case. Please call us at 407-960-1900; free consultations are available.

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