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Maitland Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

Motorcycle riding can be a fun, fuel-efficient alternative to driving a typical passenger car or truck. Unfortunately, motorcycle riding is also incredibly dangerous. Motorcycles are much less crashworthy than closed vehicles, and riders are directly exposed to any impacts that occur. Bikers must take even more care than other drivers to ensure that no mistakes are made in order to avoid a catastrophic accident. Bikers who are hurt by the negligence of other drivers may wind up with more serious injuries, and they may be entitled to recover for their harm.

Whether you were a biker injured by a negligent motorist or a driver or pedestrian hit by a negligent motorcycle rider, the Maitland motorcycle accident lawyers at Goldman Law, P.A., has your back. Sarah Goldman Geise has more than a decade of experience litigating personal injury matters and has recovered millions for her Florida personal injury clients. Goldman Law, P.A. is a trusted name in motorcycle injury matters, and we will zealously represent your interests throughout your personal injury case. We provide tailored, individualized service to personal injury plaintiffs, calibrating our representation to the needs and circumstances of our clients. Our job is to ensure that you get the justice you deserve for the harm you have suffered.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle crashes in Florida and across the U.S. are a common occurrence, even though there are far fewer motorcycles on the road than other vehicles. According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 5,100 people were killed in motorcycle crashes in 2017 countrywide. A further 89,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2017. Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to be killed in an accident than drivers and passengers in other types of vehicles.

Statistics indicate that the majority of motorcycle fatalities occur in two-vehicle accidents. Seventy-six percent of two-vehicle crashes involve a motorcycle being hit from the front, while only seven percent of these accidents involved a motorcycle being hit from behind. Left-turn accidents are among the most common motorcycle crashes: 42 percent of two-vehicle motorcycle accidents involved another vehicle turning left while the motorcycle was continuing straight or passing other vehicles.

Damages Available After a Motorcycle Accident

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you are entitled to recover for your harm. Damages available to motorcycle accident plaintiffs include “economic” damages, which are damages to which a specific number can be applied, as well as “noneconomic” damages, which are damages that are harder to measure but are no less real for accident victims. Economic damages include the following:

  • Medical expenses. You should not be responsible for paying your medical insurance bills if someone else’s negligence caused your injury. An insurance provider or other at-fault party should compensate you for medical bills you have already and continue to generate, including hospital visits, surgery, medication, physical therapy, prosthetics and other medical devices, as well as anticipated future treatments.
  • Lost wages. A serious accident may leave you unable to work while hospitalized or may cause you temporary or even permanent disability. Any income you lose as a result of being unable to work, as well as a measure of your future lost earning capacity resulting from disability, should be compensated by insurance companies or by an at-fault driver.
  • Property damage. If an accident damaged your bike or other personal property, you are entitled to recover for the value of the damaged property.

Noneconomic damages available to motorcycle crash victims may include the following:

  • Pain and suffering. Injured victims can recover damages relating to the emotional and psychological distress associated with the pain and suffering caused by a serious accident or injury. Pain and suffering is a difficult concept to measure with a specific dollar value, but this is an essential component of any personal injury claim.
  • Disfigurement. Motorcycle accidents may leave a victim severely scarred, possibly with permanent damage to their face, eyes, ears, nose, or other body parts.
  • Disability. Noneconomic damages may include the harm suffered by someone who loses the function of an organ, a limb, or another body part.
  • Loss of companionship. If your loved one was killed in an accident, you and your family might be able to recover for the loss of companionship, society, and services of the deceased family member.

Call a Dedicated Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash the dedicated and talented  motorcycle accident lawyer at Goldman Law, P.A., is ready to fight for the damages you are owed. You do not have to take on this battle alone. Contact our personal injury team at 407-960-1900 for a free consultation.

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