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Category Archives: Drunk Driving Accident


I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver – What Are My Legal Options?

By Goldman Law, P.A. |

Recovering compensation after a car accident can be complicated, especially when a crash was caused by the reckless actions of a drunk driver. The injuries in these collisions tend to be severe and the damages immense. Furthermore, more than one person (the drunk driver) could be held liable for the accident. Restaurants and bars… Read More »

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Drunk Driving Accidents Are Different Than Other Florida Car Crashes

By Goldman Law, P.A. |

Car accidents caused by drunk drivers are a bit different than other kinds of crashes. Cases caused by drunk drivers, for instance, often involve both civil and criminal cases, while most car accidents are resolved via settlement negotiations or a civil suit. The damages awarded in DUI cases also tend to be higher, with… Read More »

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