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Category Archives: Motorcycle Accident


Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

By Goldman Law, P.A. |

Some lucky car accident victims are fortunate enough to walk away from their collisions with only scrapes and bruises, or maybe even with no injuries at all. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for motorcycle riders, who almost always sustain serious injuries when involved in collisions. In fact, some researchers estimate that around 80… Read More »

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Motorcycle Accidents In Intersections

By Goldman Law, P.A. |

Motorcycle accidents that occur at intersections can happen for a variety of reasons, but most are the result of driver error, like running a red light, not paying attention, or violating another traffic law. Intersection accidents should always be taken seriously, as they can result in significant property damage and serious injuries, but those… Read More »

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Florida Motorcycle Laws You Should Know

By Goldman Law, P.A. |

While the weather in Florida is nice almost all year long, the summertime tends to be especially lovely, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more people, especially motorcyclists, find themselves on the road during these months. Unfortunately, an increase in the number of people on the roads also comes with a higher… Read More »

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Common Motorcycle Accidents

By Goldman Law, P.A. |

Motorcyclists are in a vulnerable position on the road, as they lack the metal frame of a vehicle to offer them protection in the event of a collision. Furthermore, motorcycles are far less stable than cars and are also less visible to other drivers. Because they do not have these benefits, or the protections… Read More »

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