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Speeding Is The Leading Cause Of Fatal Car Accidents In The U.S.


Speeding endangers everyone on the road and is estimated to contribute to nearly 30 percent of all fatal car accidents that occur in the U.S. Even when an accident victim is fortunate enough to escape fatal injuries, he or she may still suffer from chronic pain and permanent disability, as the injuries caused by speeding are notoriously devastating. This can be especially frustrating for victims who weren’t at fault for their crashes, but were the victims of someone else’s reckless driving behaviors.

Why Speeding is Dangerous

Speeding is dangerous for a number of reasons, one of which is that it simply gives drivers less time to avoid an accident, shortening reaction times and maneuverability, and generally reducing vehicle control. It’s also important to note that the faster a vehicle is traveling, the harder an impact will be in the event of a collision, which is another reason that high-speed car accidents tend to result in such severe injuries and property damage.

Speeding is particularly dangerous when road conditions aren’t ideal, as when the roads are wet, muddy, flooded, or icy. In these cases, even driving the speed limit can be dangerous, leading to a citation for driving too fast for the conditions. All drivers have a responsibility to drive at reasonable speeds based on existing traffic, road conditions, weather, and visibility. Drivers who fail to fulfill this responsibility can be held liable for resulting accidents.

Proving that Your Accident Was Speed-Related

Because speeding-related car accidents happen so quickly, establishing fault can be a bit complicated. To do so, accident victims, besides providing eyewitness testimony, may need to seek data from the other driver’s electronic data recorder (EDR), with which most vehicles are equipped. These devices record a lot of information about a vehicle prior to a crash, including the vehicle’s speed before and during impact. It can also reveal whether a driver attempted to brake or swerve to avoid the crash.

Besides this data, claimants should also seek to obtain video recordings from traffic cameras and nearby security cameras. The damage sustained by a vehicle can provide further clues regarding speed, as vehicle manufacturers usually provide collision ratings with their vehicles. By comparing these ratings with the damage to a vehicle, a claimant will have a strong argument regarding the speed at which an at-fault motorist was driving. Finally, physical evidence from the scene of the accident, such as skid marks, can be used to reconstruct a crash, demonstrating how long it took the cars to come to rest after the crash, which is also a good indicator of speed prior to the collision.

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