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The Dangers Of Tailgating


Most of us have been guilty of tailgating at one time or another and also of being tailgated. Besides being annoying, this kind of driving is actually extremely dangerous and can cause serious collisions and severe injuries. While determining fault in this kind of accident may seem simple, complications can arise, especially for drivers who have been involved in chain reaction collisions. For help recovering compensation after your own tailgating-related car crash, please reach out to one of our experienced Altamonte Springs car accident lawyers today.

Tailgating Basics

Vehicles require both time and distance to come to a stop, regardless of a driver’s skills. Tailgating occurs when a motorist follows another car too closely, eliminating the cushion required to stop without colliding with another car and thereby significantly increasing the chances of collision. What many drivers don’t realize is that stopping distance is directly proportional to the weight and size of the vehicle in question. The stopping distance, for instance, of a heavy commercial truck is much longer than that of a standard passenger vehicle. Other important factors that are sacrificed when a person tailgates include:

  • Perception time, which is the time needed to see and process a roadway hazard; and
  • Reaction time, or the time needed for a driver’s body to react to the brain’s perception and to initiate the brakes or attempt to turn the wheel.

When drivers tailgate, both of these times are significantly reduced. By keeping more space between vehicles, motorists give themselves more time to avoid a collision.

Tailgating Causes

Tailgating is almost always the result of some sort of negligence, including:

  • Driving while fatigued;
  • Driving while distracted; and
  • Driving aggressively.

While this means that many tailgating accidents could have been avoided, it also means that proving fault is often easier in rear-end crashes caused by tailgating. In fact, in most cases, the rear driver in this kind of accident is presumed to be at fault for the collision and can potentially be held liable for resulting injuries.

Preventing Tailgating Accidents

One of the best defenses we have against tailgating-related accidents is to create a safety cushion by keeping no less than two seconds between ourselves and other vehicles. For additional protection, especially when driving at night, in bad weather, through roadway construction, or in heavy traffic, motorists should consider doubling this cushion. Unfortunately, even those who take great care to implement these kinds of preventive measures could end up the victim of someone else’s negligence. However, it is possible in these cases for an accident victim to recover compensation for related losses, including reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Call Our Altamonte Springs Car Accident Lawyers

If you were injured in an accident by a tailgater, you could be entitled to compensation for your losses, including the cost of treatment and vehicle repair or replacement costs. To learn more, please call 407-960-1900 and speak with the dedicated Altamonte Springs car accident attorneys at Goldman Law, P.A. today.

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